Our Mission

To create the largest storytelling distribution network in the world. Stories naturally bring people together and our purpose is to create multiple platforms from which to share powerful stories of authenticity, to unite, inspire and educate people on a global level. Lemonade Legend offers extended marketing, promotion, and exposure in both print and media to highlight authors and their contribution to the literary world.

Our Vision

To be the industry leader in storytelling for growth and impact. A company that gives rise to the voice of those who are silenced, discredited, or unsure of the influence and transformation their personal story can deliver. For the entrepreneur, who wants to leverage the new paradigm of storytelling marketing, our endeavor is to optimize the scope of your brand and unveil you as the authority in your space so you can dominate your industry. We strive to impact our culture long term, by giving people a viable pathway to a life of authenticity, integrity, truth, and honor.

Our Values

At Lemonade Legend we believe:

  • In empowering people
  • Victory means reaching beyond the limits of your comfort zone
  • Truth always prevails
  • Every personal story is significant
  • In being fearless and taking risks to achieve your greatest potential
  • In the power and importance of trust and integrity
  • Having faith in yourself is critical to accomplishments
  • Your worth is measured by what’s in your heart, soul, and actions
  • nothing is impossible


Michelle Faust is the founder of Lemonade Legend, a company offering both print and media exposure through her anthology series, digital magazine, a publishing house, podcast, virtual stages and now as a producer of two TV shows featured on ZondraTV Network. Her mission is to create the largest Storytelling Distribution Network in the world. The inception of The Lemonade Stand started with her own self-realization that she had a story herself of learning how to acquire a fearless attitude due to having a severe hearing loss which had impacted her own self-worth and created limiting beliefs. Her story is full of vulnerability, courage, and learning how to cope in a world which values perfection by developing her alternative strengths. After 20 years in the pharmaceutical industry she elected to leap into the entrepreneurial world and follow her heart, which ultimately led to the creation of Lemonade Legend. Her mission is her passion that not only provides a powerful resource for women (and a few brave men) struggling with their own lemonade challenges but is also emerging into a community of like-minded people who want to share, support, and lift up their sisters and brothers.


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