Media Mastery Bootcamp – 3-Day Live Event

Media Mastery Bootcamp – 3-Day Live Event

Are you ready to master the media and create more publicity? Attend the 3-Day Media Mastery Bootcamp for your most visible year!

About this event

Are you ready to speak on more stages? To be interviewed on more shows?

Attend the 3-Day Media Bootcamp to Prep for your MOST Visible Year!

3-Day Media Mastery Bootcamp to Create Your Media & Marketing Strategy


Would you like to get booked on more stages?

Get featured in the media?

Get your story out to the masses?

At the Media Mastery Bootcamp, you’ll learn the O.P.A. method on how to:

    • Attract Leads
    • Build your Contacts & Followers
    • Enroll Clients
    • and Make Money every Month


Without continuous media exposure, and publicity with OTHER PEOPLE’S AUDIENCES, it’s a constant struggle to get people to say,


“I’ve heard of You”,

Refer you,

and most importantly, Do business with you.

Without media exposure, you never get to unleash your entrepreneurial spirit on the world, to make the IMPACT you want to make, or the INCOME you thought you would.


This is why I’m so glad to offer you a 3-Day Media Mastery Bootcamp to create the Exposure & Impact Solution, to teach you how to create more exposure and attract more clients.


Do you feel ready to respond to a Call for Speakers?

Do you know how to leverage a podcast interview for even more interviews, and most importantly, to grow your own list?


During this 3-part workshop you’re going to create:

  • How to use position yourself to attract media
  • How to get clear on your media story to make your big impact
  • How media exposure can help you build your network one to many vs one to one
  • How to create “evergreen” media, so can attract leads, even when you’re not LIVE.
  • How authors get free publicity
  • How to build and grow your media database every day
  • How to write a pitch, who to send it to, and how often to send it

This is a LIVE, Interactive Course, hosted by 15-times Best Selling Author & Media Exposure Specialist, Angel Tuccy.


Here’s what you can expect at The Media Mastery IMPACT Bootcamp:

Here are just some of the things you will learn:

1) The Absolute Simplest To Find Journalists Who are ALREADY Looking For Your Topic

2) The Success Strategy of a Beginner with Zero Skills to Attract Media

3) Proven Pitch Methods, including SENDING out your first pitch

4) Get your book published in less than 90 days

5) How to create an organic best seller campaign

6) Booking 100 interviews a year and being featured on 1000’s of news desk sites.

7) How to fit media marketing into only a few hours A MONTH.

8) When and how to use “The 3 Pitches” (Press Release, Media Pitch, Pitch Reply)

9) Group dynamics of putting together your News Angle

10) You will walk away ready for more stages!


3-Day Media Mastery Bootcamp –  August 10-12, 2022

Marriott Castle Hotel, 8602 Universal Blvd, Orlando FL 32819


Reserve Your Room >> $109/night


Powerful Workshops

Media Resources

Develop Media Strategies & Powerful Contacts

Author Spotlights Sessions

Speaking Opportunities

3 Days of Impact & Influence


Day One:


VIP Lunch & Special Session: 12:00-3:00pm*

General Session 4:00pm – 7:00pm – Surefire Ways to Attract the Media

Dinner on your own – Enjoy the local restaurants and entertainment with new friends.


Day Two:


9:00am-12:30 Session 1 – Publicity & Publishing

12:30-2:00pm Lunch Break

12:30-1:30pm VIP Lunch*

2:00-7:00pm Session 2 – Publicity & Publishing

7:00pm Optional – Stroll through ICON Park/Carousel Wheel


Day Three:


9:00am-12:30 Session 1 – Monetizing Your Exposure

12:30-2:00pm Lunch Break

12:30-1:30pm VIP Lunch*

2:00-5:00pm Session 2 – 100’s of stages and thousands of media opportunities

5:00pm Day Three Ends

6:00-9:00pm Optional – Grab a snack together and stroll through Disney Springs


General Admission Tickets are $997 for Access to All General Sessions

* VIP Tickets $1297 include VIP Special Sessions & VIP Gift Bag. Must have a VIP ticket to attend special VIP sessions.

All Events Held in Orlando FL



Saturday, August 13

9am – 12pm

For those wanting to stay for the extra bonus session,

we are hosting a goal-setting strategy session.



Plan to Fly into Orlando, MCO Airport on Wednesday, August 10 in the morning.

Doors open for VIPs at 12:00 pm, General session begins at 4:00pm.

Depart on Saturday, August 13th after 3:00pm ET.

Travel Arrangements:

Arrive Wednesday morning. Fly into Orlando MCO Airport.

Depart Saturday (or stay through the weekend, if you’d like an extra day to play)

Breakfast is on your own. The hotel has a quick-service coffee shop and poolside restaurant. Lunch is provided Thursday and Friday. Dinner on your own each day.

** VIP Includes Lunch Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.


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