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You are a legend of your own story. I encourage you to put it out there in a big and bold way. Collaborate on a book or write your own, share it in a magazine or on a podcast. Even a story that is written and tucked away in your private place is an empowering process. But, sharing it to the world and showing up brave, courageous, and real is an extraordinary place to reside and rejoice in who you are, and all you have to offer. There are so many reasons to write your story, for both personal and professional reasons. It energizes your mind and gives clarity. It gives lightness to your soul. It puts you in an influential position to help others to heal and squash their demons.

You can raise up your brothers and sisters and help them to the other side of struggle. Write it down, understand it, know in your heart what you learned from it, and it will help you define your purpose. This builds confidence, and confidence is a leading trait of leaders. If you are a leader you are an influencer. Leave your imprint on the world. Get started by filling out the Share Your Story Form.