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  Life Happens, Let’s Role With it. That is the main theme of Christina’s life past and present. Christina was diagnosed with complex PTSD starting from the age of 5 with a traumatic event. She continued to suffer from trauma her entire childhood and was well into adulthood before she received her diagnosis and began to see how different her life was from those around her. Physically she developed a whole host of problems, from
  Host Michelle Faust and Dr. Benda talked extensively about what a Meologist is. It’s about creating the best you. To be successful, to give to others, to find your true joy in life, you need to focus on you. What may seem selfish is actually the most selfless thing to you can do to fill your own well enough to give. Dr. Brenda has traveled all over the world in missionary work and she
  Lemonade Legend Podcast I wanted to write an introduction to this podcast that was recorded last November 2020. As we were coming up on the one-year anniversary of the release of The Lemonade Stand Book #1, I thought how cool it would be to invite some of the authors to reflect on the experience of both writing the book, and what this past year has been like for everyone. We had such a variety