The Lemonade Stand 2


The Lemonade Stand Series is a powerful testimony of sharing your story for emotional growth and inspiration. We continue this journey in Book 2. Collective narratives of true heroes and legends, who show you how to stand in your power, find the courage to seek your own truth, and reveal your authentic self with pride.










“We are our own gatekeepers”

Publisher of The Lemonade Stand 2



Phoenix Rising


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“This beautifully crafted collection of stories takes you on an extraordinary journey.  It is not a self-help book because you do not need help. You need only to look inside and see the treasures within you, the love that is meant to be shared, and the power of your own mind. People get intimidated by the perception of powerful people they see around them. They lose the understanding that they are as masterful as any of them. We are all ordinary people put on this earth to do extraordinary things. From my simple beginnings I have had both setbacks and much success. I have navigated through it all with humor, imagery, and learning the mastery of change. We are all blessed with the skills to make life better. These are stories that represent the virtues of determination, dreams, humor, resilience, and powerful mindsets. They also include unbelievable evilness, unfortunate acts of nature, and the painfully hard realities of relationships. But virtue always wins out. The Lemonade Stand is a treasure trove of magical and mysterious resources to build and strengthen your own spectacular virtue. Always remember there is Greatness within You.” – Rita Davenport

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