MAGAZINES Storytelling is the Heritage of Mankind.

The Squeeze Magazine, The Legendary Leaders, and the Lemonade Legend Magazines

Storytelling is the foundation of history, legends, and genealogy. Our magazines provide diverse platforms for sharing stories that have impacted and shaped the lives of female leaders who are trailblazers in their industry. Their stories reveal their Journey, Why, and How. It’s cutting-edge in both personal and professional growth. The new generation of storytelling has arrived and is dynamic, real, and a little raw.

The Squeeze Magazine

The Squeeze digs deeper to get all the juice. We discover the vulnerable truths you might not find anywhere else. It’s a little more revealing and a bit more daring; it’s the soul of the story.

The Squeeze Magazine featuring Michelle Faust
Legendary Leaders Magazine featuring Sally Wurr

Legendary Leaders Magazine

Legendary Leaders is an exclusive magazine shining the spotlight on individuals to illuminate their true selves. Where they were, where they are now, and where they are going.

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