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Lemonade Life is a podcast featuring entrepreneurs and small business leaders and their lemon to lemonade journey to success.


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Past Episodes

LLP Julie Kenzler | Hope Follows

Hope Follows With Julie Kenzler

  In life’s darkest winters, remember that hope always follows. In this episode, we’re joined by Julie Kenzler, a bestselling author, international broadcaster, and passionate advocate for finding hope in the face of life’s most challenging moments. As she shares her journey, Julie reveals how she turned her personal tragedy into a powerful message of hope. She’s the author of…

LLP Shiraz Baboo | Reality

The Problem Was The Solution With Shiraz Baboo

  When life brings you lemons, why don’t you make a lemonade? Dancing with us in this episode is the author of How to Write Reality: Becoming the Author of the Stories in Your Life, Shiraz Baboo, who shares his insights on how to rewrite reality to overcome problems. He cites some examples of editing, deleting, and rewriting your stories…

LLP Jaclyn Whitt | Movie Script

From Pages To The Big Screen: How To Turn Your Book Into A Movie Script With Jaclyn Whitt

  Whether we say it out loud or secretly wish for it, deep down we authors want to see our stories on the big screen. But it’s a totally different thing to write for film. Today, we have someone with us to share her expertise on the matter. Jaclyn Whitt is an award-winning screenwriter and the Co-Director of Family Friendly…

how attending yoga classes-improves-mental-health with dawn hopkins

How Attending Yoga Classes Improves Mental Health With Dawn Hopkins

Science shows that yoga improves mental health in stress reduction, overall mood boost, and serotonin level improvement. But for some students, attending group classes can be intimidating because they’re concerned about their physical appearance. Michelle Faust presents Dawn Hopkins, the founder and President of Inspiritus Yoga. Dawn talks about how offering online yoga videos lets her students exercise in the…

It Starts With I: How Living Your Life To The Fullest Starts From Within

It Starts With I: How Living Your Life To The Fullest Starts From Within

Living your life to the fullest doesn’t start with the next coaching session or with your next purchase. It starts with you. Joining Michelle Faust today is Antoinette Logan, is brand expert, consultant, author and founder of The AIM Agency. In this episode, Antoinette talks in depth about her journey to living a full life starting with the hardships from…

LLP 2 Karina Kantas | Flash Fiction

Do You Feel Stuck? Try Writing Flash Fiction With Karina Kantas

Do you feel stuck in your creative writing? Try writing flash fiction. Michelle Faust welcomes Karina Kantas, a prolific author of 14 titles who writes in most fiction genres. Karina shares with Michelle how flash fiction is also known as one-minute fiction, consisting of 500-1,000 words. When you’re working on a novel and you get stuck in a scene, writing…

LLP 1 Wendy Labat | Health Insurance

Putting Health Over Wealth: Getting Started In Health Insurance With Dr. Wendy Labat

When it comes to insurance, some people put material things above their health. They actually put car insurance first over their health. Your health and mindset should be your priorities, especially now with COVID. Learn more about health insurance with your host Michelle Faust and her guest Dr. Wendy Labat. Wendy is the CEO of The Financial Cures LLC. She…

Lynn Brown

Lynn Brown

Lynn Brown was a typical working mom with two children and a supportive husband. Life was good. Yet, at a point when her career was peaking, and they were coordinating family schedules well, Lynn began to feel that it was not the right place for her to be. Both she and her husband traveled for their respective jobs and they…

Julie Jones

Julie Jones

Nothing in life quite compares with the beauty and strength behind a mother’s love. Julie Jones and I discuss the joys and hardship of raising children, especially with a disability. Julie experienced that x 2 with both of her daughters. Most women enter motherhood with little to no training. None of us come prepared to know how to take care…

Gabe Cox

Gabe Cox

Gabe Cox is a mindset accountability coach, mother of 3 active, homeschooled boys, and an avid runner. She is an accomplished writer having written the bestselling book “Mind Over Marathon”, before joining the team on “The Lemonade Stand 2”. Her lemonade story is about a battle with depression, eating disorders, and unhealthy over-exercising. As a Christian she felt some shame…

Dani Warren

Dani Warren

Today’s podcast with Dani Warren covers how her earlier and young adult years shaped not only her career goals, but how she differentiates herself from her colleagues. When she chose the industry of insurance and financial services her motivation wasn’t solely on commissions. She focused on the people first because she understands the vulnerability clients feel, and lack of understanding…

Christina Lombardo

Christina Lombardo

Life Happens, Let’s Role With it. That is the main theme of Christina’s life past and present. Christina was diagnosed with complex PTSD starting from the age of 5 with a traumatic event. She continued to suffer from trauma her entire childhood and was well into adulthood before she received her diagnosis and began to see how different her life…

Dr. Brenda Stratto

Dr. Brenda Stratto

Host Michelle Faust and Dr. Benda talked extensively about what a Meologist is. It’s about creating the best you. To be successful, to give to others, to find your true joy in life, you need to focus on you. What may seem selfish is actually the most selfless thing to you can do to fill your own well enough to…

The Lemonade Stand 1

The Lemonade Stand Book 1

Lemonade Legend Podcast I wanted to write an introduction to this podcast that was recorded last November 2020. As we were coming up on the one-year anniversary of the release of The Lemonade Stand Book #1, I thought how cool it would be to invite some of the authors to reflect on the experience of both writing the book, and…

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Michelle Faust is the founder of Lemonade Legend and host of the Lemonade Life podcast. Michelle realized the power of sharing her lemon-to-lemonade journey when she started sharing her own story, which is full of vulnerability, courage, and learning how to cope in a world that values perfection. Now Michelle is on a mission to create the largest storytelling distribution network in the world. You can help Michelle on her mission by being the next brave soul to share your journey from lemons to lemonade.