Nothing in life quite compares with the beauty and strength behind a mother’s love. Julie Jones and I discuss the joys and hardship of raising children, especially with a disability. Julie experienced that x 2 with both of her daughters. Most women enter motherhood with little to no training. None of us come prepared to know how to take care of the additional needs of a child born with a disability, illness, or physical challenge of any kind. Julie shares her unconditional love and determination to ensure her daughters could have a remarkable life.



Name: Julie Jones


I have been an entrepreneur for eighteen years sharing my passions with others. I started out as a consultant with Creative Memories showing others how to preserve their photos and journal the stories behind them. I did that for eight years until everything went digital. I’m from Ohio. My husband and I moved to Georgia almost thirty years ago for his job. I have two adult daughters. One just got married, and the other one will be soon. I enjoy hiking, movies, concerts, books, and exploring new places.