Lynn Brown was a typical working mom with two children and a supportive husband. Life was good. Yet, at a point when her career was peaking, and they were coordinating family schedules well, Lynn began to feel that it was not the right place for her to be. Both she and her husband traveled for their respective jobs and they could afford a great nanny to allow for that. She had been worried that her youngest daughter did not seem to be in the best health. The pediatricians found nothing wrong, but we all know a mother’s instinct holds a power over traditional medicine. She and her husband began the conversation of “should she give up her job”. In the end that was her choice. She loved her work, and the lifestyle it afforded. But sometimes we must make choices that are right for ourselves or our families. Her chapter in The Lemonade Stand is about making the most of your beautiful life. We are only given one. Everyone has a different set of circumstances and we are ultimately in the drivers’ seat to steer the course of our life. It may take sacrifice, but often it is our heart, more than our head that should influence our decision.



Name: Lynn Brown


Lynn Brown lives in Kirkland, Washington with her husband Greg. After two wonderful careers in retail buying and sales, she decided to retire and enjoy every moment of her young family’s life. This allowed Lynn to volunteer as room mom, team mom, and chaperone for as long as their children, Max and Anna, would let her. Lynn is also a church volunteer, gardener, and caretaker of their cottage, as well as a contributing author to The Lemonade Stand and the author of her novel Three: …from beginning to end.