When Life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

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About the Founder

Michelle Faust

Michelle Faust is the founder of Lemonade Legend, a company offering both print and media exposure through her anthology series, digital magazine, a publishing house, podcast, virtual stages and now as a producer of Legendary Leaders shows featured on ZondraTV Network. Her mission is to create the largest Storytelling Distribution Network in the world. The inception of The Lemonade Stand started with her own self-realization that she had a story herself of learning how to acquire a fearless attitude due to having a severe hearing loss which had impacted her own self-worth and created limiting beliefs. Her story is full of vulnerability, courage, and learning how to cope in a world which values perfection by developing her alternative strengths. After 20 years in the pharmaceutical industry she elected to leap into the entrepreneurial world and follow her heart, which ultimately led to the creation of Lemonade Legend. Her mission is her passion that not only provides a powerful resource for women (and a few brave men) struggling with their own lemon challenges but is also emerging into a community of like-minded people who want to share, support, and lift up their sisters and brothers.

Upcoming Events

Here is where you can find events hosted and co-hosted by me as well as events that I know to be valuable around writing, media, streaming TV, and publicity. I know how easy it is to spend our hard-earned money and precious time on the myriad of live and virtual events, courses, and masterminds. If you see it here, I endorse it as providing worth for time and/or treasure.
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Publicity Playbook

Having a consistent and constant stream of leads coming into your business is nice, but what if they were coming in having already heard of you? Better yet, what if they were coming in already trusting you and wanting your products and services?

We designed Publicity Playbook to give you all of the digital assets you need to look your best self everywhere, and the exposure you need to appear everywhere. We tackle the heavy lifting and get the ball rolling so you can just keep the momentum going.

Publicity Playbook is the partnership of three power-house ladies coming together to showcase you and your business in print, traditional media, and digital media. You’ll receive from these experts all of the known strategies, from tried and true traditional & print media to podcasts and streaming TV.

At the end of this retreat, you’ll have everything you need to help your story shine bright on any stage, anywhere!

Featured in a Lemonade Legend Publication

At Lemonade Legend we feel honored to have bountiful associations with notable business leaders, masterminds, and savvy mentors featured in one or more of our platforms. They teach, share, and inspire with their knowledge and experience. We welcome anyone with the courage and vulnerability to share their story to join these extraordinary individuals who have blazed the trail.

A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives.

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Have you ever dreamed of being a bestselling author? Having your book published opens a whole world of amazing moments and opportunities. Don’t hold yourself back from realizing your dream. Lemonade Legend Publishing works with you from start to finish. We provide writing assistance, graphic designs for your book cover and promotional needs, and full marketing services to get you discovered and your book sold.

The Lemonade Stand Series

The Lemonade Stand Series is a true-story anthology, a legacy we are proud to carry forward, each with its own unique twist. It’s about storytelling, each book containing pages of powerful stories for people to share. Everyone deserves to have a voice heard without judgment. I hope that readers of The Lemonade Stand Series will join us in our mission to help people worldwide find freedom from fear, constraints, damaging relationships, and outdated opinions. Through this freedom, we find peace, love, acceptance, and success.
Lemonade Stand Series Book
Lemonade Journal

My Lemonade Journal

 My Lemonade Journal is a 365-day journal with prompts geared towards self-discovery, life goals, mental health struggles, and coping. Journaling is a great way to reduce stress, process emotions, encourage self-confidence, improve writing and communication skills, and much more. The prompts can help those new to journaling get started. It can also help you move through writer’s block, narrow your focus and organize your thoughts. Along with the daily journal pages, this book is filled with beautiful quotes, coloring pages, and mental health resources.

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Share Your Story

You are the legend of your own story. Even writing your story and tucking it away in a private place is an empowering process. However, putting your story out there in a big way can have a profound effect on your life and business. Sharing your story to the world, showing up bravely, courageously, and authentically is an extraordinary place to reside and rejoice in who you are and all you have to offer. The process can energize your mind and bring you clarity. It can help you understand and know your heart. It can show you the lessons you’ve learned processing and overcoming hardship. It can help you define your purpose. Sharing your story can help you discover your WHY.Sharing your story can build confidence in you as well as in others. It can raise you up as a role model for change. It can help others overcome their own struggles. It helps make this world smaller, showing others they’re not alone. It shows you as a leader and influencer and an influencer can create change, prosperity, and thriving environments for themselves and others. It sets you up to leave your imprint on the world. There are many reasons to share your story publicly. Share it for impact. Share it for growth. Share it for prosperity. Share it for your own personal reason. 

Here are just a few of the ways we can help you share your story:

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Help you write and publish your own book

The Squeeze TV Show

The Squeeze TV Show

Currently Filming Season 1
Legendary Leaders TV Show

Legendary Leaders TV Show

Currently Filming Season 3