Day: April 22, 2021


Gabe Cox

Gabe Cox is a mindset accountability coach, mother of 3 active, homeschooled boys, and an avid runner. She is an accomplished writer having written the bestselling book “Mind Over Marathon”, before joining the team on “The Lemonade Stand 2”. Her lemonade story is about a battle with depression, eating disorders, and unhealthy over-exercising. As a Christian she felt some shame in struggling with these issues when she felt a strong faith should be enough. She tried to control her life through her eating and exercising habits, only to learn they were controlling her. With a lot of work to establish a positive mindset she has turned her love of running into a positive daily exercise for both her physical and mental health. One of her great achievements has been qualifying for the Boston Marathon in 2015 and completing the marathon in 2017. Keep a look out for her next book “Victory Run” coming in spring of 2021.

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