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Applying pressure to squeeze out
the soul in every recipe

Host, Michelle Faust, challenges her guests to share the juice behind their success. What were the seeds that led to their success? How did they finally arrive at the winning lemonade recipe? Where was the sugar added? How many lemons did they squeeze? What ingredients resulted in a bad batch or two? Michelle leads her guests on a journey to open their souls and reveal the vulnerable truths behind their entrepreneurial journey. The Squeeze exposes, in a positive light, the imperfections and raw reality of life, how to liberate the past, and inspire others to do the same. Join us for an enlightening 30 minutes of women finding their voice, to authentically share their triumphant journey crushing lemons to create success.

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Michelle and her guests were having a good time filming in the studio.

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About Michelle Faust

Michelle Faust is the founder of Lemonade Legend and host of The Squeeze TV show. Michelle realized the power of sharing her lemon-to-lemonade journey when she started sharing her own story, which is full of vulnerability, courage, and learning how to cope in a world that values perfection. Now Michelle is on a mission to create the largest storytelling distribution network in the world. You can help Michelle on her mission by being the next brave soul to share your journey from lemons to lemonade.
Michelle and her guests on set for a TV interview

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