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Discovering Your Inner Child

  Most people think they can ignore their inner childhood trauma, but they’re wrong. Childhood trauma doesn’t go away if you ignore it. It will jump into future generations until it gets dealt with. This is why you need to... Read More

It Starts With I: How Living Your Life To The Fullest Starts From Within

  Living your life to the fullest doesn’t start with the next coaching session or with your next purchase. It starts with you. Joining Michelle Faust today is Antoinette Logan, is brand expert, consultant, author and founder of The AIM... Read More

How Attending Yoga Classes Improves Mental Health With Dawn Hopkins

  Science shows that yoga improves mental health in stress reduction, overall mood boost, and serotonin level improvement. But for some students, attending group classes can be intimidating because they’re concerned about their physical appearance. Michelle Faust presents Dawn Hopkins,... Read More

Do You Feel Stuck? Try Writing Flash Fiction With Karina Kantas

  Do you feel stuck in your creative writing? Try writing flash fiction. Michelle Faust welcomes Karina Kantas, a prolific author of 14 titles who writes in most fiction genres. Karina shares with Michelle how flash fiction is also known... Read More

Putting Health Over Wealth: Getting Started In Health Insurance With Dr. Wendy Labat

When it comes to insurance, some people put material things above their health. They actually put car insurance first over their health. Your health and mindset should be your priorities, especially now with COVID. Learn more about health insurance with... Read More